8 tips to make taxes easier to manage

8 Tips To Make Taxes Easier To Manage

Tax preparation can be difficult to manage if you don’t keep on top of things from the start.  These days there are all kinds of  technology to help automate your  processes and finances and working with a professional accountant is essential to ensure all bases are covered.

Marc Scheipe, CFO of Sage North America has listed his 8 tips to make taxes easier to manage in an article for Forbes. See Marc’s tips below:

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5 tips for better accounting

5 Tips for Better Accounting

Correctly managing your accounts can be the difference between business success or failure. There are lot’s of things to think about and if you’re new to the concept it can be quite a daunting thought.

Here are 5 tips for better accounting, these may seem simple but i assure you if you can keep these in mind and stay on top it will reward you in the long term. Read more