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Canadian Financial News – Millenials, Fintech and Homebuyers

Here is your breakdown of this week’s top Canadian financial news with some articles of interest we’ve found from 3rd party financial websites.

Each week we’ll scan through the latest and greatest in the world of Canadian finance and bring you the articles we feel are important to our audience. These will range from up to the minute Government changes to articles that might spark your interest and give you some advice or at least food for thought.

1. Big banks cutting fees in response to fintech firms.

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2. Homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents will soon need to comply with new rules that will apply to residential real estate contracts. B.C. Premier Christy Clark announced that as of May 16, 2016, anyone involved in a residential home sale will need to include a clause that will give the original seller of the home ownership of any profit made from a subsequent assignment sale.

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3. A new report says soaring property prices and lower incomes in Vancouver are leaving many young homeowners in debt compared to millennials in 10 other Canadian cities.

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There you have it! As always the world of finance moves at a rapid pace , the more we can keep an eye on things the better chance we have of adjusting to changes as and when they happen.

If you have any particular subjects in the Canadian financial news arena you would like us to source and cover in this blog, feel free to drop us a line. Also if you have any questions regarding your personal finance we are available to speak to you at a time convenient to you. Please send us an email through our contact page and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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