Financial Planning For Vancouver Small Businesses

Financial Planning For Vancouver Small Businesses

Having a structured financial plan is essential for any small business. The guys at The Lifestyle protector created this great post on financial planning For Vancouver small businesses so i thought i’d share it with you.

Below are the key points but if you want to read the full article you can do so here: Financial Planning

  1. Separate you, your business and your assets – If you’re not already incorporated, consider incorporating. If you’re already incorporated, consider setting up a holding company to transfer your wealth to.
  2. Place personal savings into investment products – Segregated fund contacts offer potential creditor protection when you name a spouse, parent, child or grandchild as your beneficiary.
  3. Separate personal and corporate life insurance – Hold personal life insurance contracts personally rather than corporately.  Again, name your spouse, parents, children or grandchildren as your beneficiary.
  4. Do it now – If your business is in trouble, it’s almost impossible to establish a creditor protection plan. It must be done while you and your business are healthy.
  5. Get professional advice – Ask legal experts, tax professionals and a private wealth advisor with experience how to assess your unique risks, then close any gaps.


Overes & Company specialize in working with small businesses, if you don’t know where to start or have started but are finding things a little overwhelming it’s important to seek financial help so as to not make any wrong moves that could seriously effect your life.

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